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World newsorinternational newsor evenforeign coverageis thenews media-jargon for news from abroad, about a foreign country or a global subject. Forjournalism, it is a branch that deals with news either sent byforeign correspondentsornews

World News

1,Will Tide Turn in Afghanistan? U.S. President Barack Obama vowed at the beginning of December 2009 to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan in the first six months of 2010, with an eye on beginning withdrawal from the fragile country by


English is one of the most importance langgaue in the world

不适合,谢谢. 每天都要听,最好不要用MP3听,用以前那种老式的录音机听效果更好.

1Canada sends plane to monitor Russian nuclear submarinesSource: Onion 2009-08-13 English BBS Favorite OTTAWA, Aug. 12 (Xinhua) -- Canada has sent a surveillance plane to waters off its East Coast to monitor a pair of nuclear-powered

布莱尔辞职的VOA新闻稿,内容不长,也蛮简单的~Tony Blair chose the town of this country for just over 10 years," he added."In this job in the world of today,I think that'

美国加州风景山(Mountain View,硅谷一小城) “外星智能探索(SETI)”研究所的马克肖沃尔特称,在以前人们所知道的天王星光环外围和天王星的较大卫星运行轨道之间有灰蒙蒙的暗淡光环在绕行.这一天文现象是肖沃尔特首次发现的.

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