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Newspaper Newspapers contain many information topics such as sports, current events, business and entertainment. I like to read the sports topics most. I have great interest in sports, especially in football. Every weekend, I will buy two kinds of

we will know about a number of news words. our mind will become wider and further. reading newspaper is one of the best ways. we will get a lot of fun when we read the newspaprs. our reading skill will be changed better and better. as long as we


B. watching后面的部分是补充sit的

from the airport take 99 car, to the library to get off, get off to go see the post office turn right. over the bridge turn left, go down sixth street, to move forward, right there in your supermarket. my family at the supermarket on the left nazuo building's third floor.

1.我爸爸坐在沙发上看报纸My father is sitting on sofa and reading his newspaper.2.玛丽唱着歌走进了教室Singing a song, Mary went into the classroom.3.他的哥哥是中等高度His elder brother is of medium height.

选D解析:read a newspaper 是“读报纸”的意思,是一个固定搭配翻译:他的爷爷正在客厅读报纸希望能帮到你,祝学习进步

1.上个星期天8:20我们在做家庭作业. i did my homework at 8:20 last sunday. 2.那时候她正在看书. she was reading at that time. 3.昨晚八点到十点他们一直在看电视. they were watching tv from 8 to 10 last night. 4.当爸爸进来的时候,我正在唱歌. when dad came in, i was singing. 5.电话响的时候,你正在看报吗? were you watching newspaper when telephone rang.

Unit6 I'm watching TV newspaper n .报纸 read a newspaper 看报纸 use v.使用;运用 Soup n.汤 make soup 做汤 wash v.洗 movie n.电影 go to movies 看电影 just adv .只是;恰好 eat out 出去吃饭 house n.房子 drink v..喝n.饮料 tea n.茶;茶叶

1.He said that he ___played_____on well with his new friends.(play)用一般过去时态 2.While his mom was watching TV,hisdad___was reading______a newspaper.(read)while连接的两个句子时态要保持一致,过去进行时

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