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wAkE sB up造句

1."wake sb up"和wake up sb.都是叫醒某人,如果是人名,就说wake up sb,如果是代词,就说wake sb up please wake up charlie at six o'clock tomorrow. morning. please wake him up at six o'clock tomorrow morning. 另外,wake up, xxx! 是叫某人清醒,别糊涂了. wake up, my dear friend! move on with your life.

I am used to getting up late at weekends ,but my mother always wakes me up very early.我习惯周末睡懒觉,但是我妈妈总是很早就把我叫起来.

Wake me up 最简单的……

Wake up, son! 起床吧儿子 I didn't wake up until nine in the morning.我早上九点才起床 I have to wake up early and make breakfast for my wife.我得早起,给老婆做早饭

i always wake up early.

My mother wakes me.up at 7o'clock every moring.

不加up 当用作及物动词时,不要加up wake 指唤醒 弄醒wake up 指醒来 你可以说She afraid her husband wakes up 去掉to 第一个翻译是 她害怕吵醒她丈夫 第二个是 他害怕她丈夫醒来

1.Can you book a room in the hotel for me?(你能为我在酒店订一个房间吗)2.My mother wakes me up every morning.我妈妈每天早上叫我起床3.The superstar showed up in the party last night.那个超级巨星昨天晚上出现在派对上.4.The soldier saved the little boy's life in the river.那个士兵在河里救了一个小男孩.5.It's seems like he feels bad tonight.看起来他今天晚上不太愉快

wake up的过去式he woke up at 6:00 this morning

If you wake the dog up ,it will bark at you.如果你叫醒这只狗,它将对你吼叫.

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