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juice英式音标:[dus] 美式音标:[dus]中文读音:柱丝n. 果汁; 肉汁; 胃液; [例句]soak the couscous overnight in the juice of about six lemons.将粗麦粉浸于大约6个柠檬榨出的果汁中,浸泡整夜.[其他] 复数:juices

juice 【发音】 英 [du:s] 美 [dus] 【解释】 n.果汁;肉汁;胃液 【复数】 juices 【英英释义】1、any of several liquids of the body2、the liquid part that can be extracted from plant or animal tissue by squeezing or cooking3、electric current4、

juice 英 [dus] 美 [dus] n.果汁;肉汁;消化液;汽油;精力 vt.挤出汁来;使有活力 用作名词 (n.) i like to drink coconut juice.我喜欢喝椰子汁.she was drinking juice through a straw.她正在用吸管喝果汁.give the bottle a couple of shakes before pouring the juice.倒果汁前,先把瓶子摇几下.

juice[英] [du:s][美] [dus]n.果汁; 肉汁; 胃液;[例句]Soak the couscous overnight in the juice of about six lemons.将粗麦粉浸于大约6个柠檬榨出的果汁中,浸泡整夜.[复数]juices

juice 读音:英 [du:s] 美 [dus] n.果汁;肉汁;胃液 复数: juices 例句:1、Add a splash of lemon juice to flavor the butter. 加上一点柠檬汁给黄油调味.2、He collected some orange juice from the refrigerator and, glass in hand, strolled to the

juice的英式读法是[dus];美式读法是[dus].单词直接源自古法语的jus,意为汁;最初源自拉丁语的jus,意为汁.作名词意思有果汁;肉汁;消化液;汽油;精力.作及物动词意思有挤出汁来;使有活力.相关例句:1、I like to drink

juice 英式音标:[du:s] 美式音标:[dus] 中文谐音:住思 词义: n. 果汁;肉汁;胃液 [复数: juices] 双语例句:She was drinking juice through a straw.她正在用吸管喝果汁.


juice 音标:英[du:s] 美[dus] bread 音标:英[bred]美[brd]

果汁 [食品] fruit juice

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