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First plACE啥意思

in the first place 首先, 从一开始 例句:Why did you choose basketball in the first place?你为何首先选择篮球呢?

in the first place[词组] : 起初; 首先; 第一; 从一开始例句:I didn't want to come in the first place. 起初我不想来.In the first place, we should solve this problem. 首先,我们应该解决这个问题.

得到第一名 网络释义:1. get the first place获得一等奖2. get the first place in a race比赛中获第一名 基本解释:first place指在竞技或比赛中的首席,get the first place也就是“获得第一名/一等奖”的意思.造句:1. I said to Dad and planned to get the first place in my class.我对爸爸,并打算让我在班上第一名.

in the first place与at the first place的区别: 1、in the first place 的意思是:从一开始,起初,首先,第一.2、at the first place的意思是:在第一个地方

win first place in项目win the first place of 项目

是第一名,冠军的意思,如take the first place是拿到冠军,取得胜利的意思,第一国际的英文是First International

两者的意思是完全不一样的.in the first place 首先;起初;第一;本来 eg.In the first place, you are not to tell any one what you know about me.第一,你不能跟任何人说有关我的事.Your mom has always been a free spirit, that's one of the

first of all ,一般用在句子开头,in the first place 一般用在句中,主要意思偏于:首要的,最主要的,而first of all 是首先的意思

“Who won first place”里面的“first place”是指“第一名”的意思.在英语里面,“……place”有“……名”的意思.

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