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come up 出现,被提出 come up with 随出现,提出.一般来说,come up (表示被提出)它的主语是事,或物.come up with 的主语是人.比较:The plan came up at the meeting.He came up with the plan at the meeting.

如:She came up with a new suggestion to solve the problem as well.她也提出了一种解决这个问题的新建议.We have to come up with the practical measures to prevent the

sth come up,意思是某事被想出,无被动sb come up with sth,意思是某人想出某事,可被动

come vi. ①来,来到 ②经过 ③达到,至 ④产生(于),来(自) ⑤变成,实现 ⑥开始 ⑦发生,出现(于),位(于) come about 发生,产生; come across 偶然遇到,碰上 come along 出现,发生;进步,进展;come apart 破碎,崩溃

很少见到这种用法,你可以理解为 “想出” 是一个短暂的动作,所以不需要进行时come up with也可以=put forward 不过意思就变成 :提出,而不是 :想出

你好.没有这样的用法,因为come是不及物动词,没有宾语也就没有被动语态.你可以用这样的句型:a plan was put forward 来达到你的meaning.祝你愉快.

以下有“提出”的意思come up withput forwardbring upbring forththink of、think up 是“想出”的意思例句:He tried to think up a plan for escape.他企图想出一个逃跑的计划.He put forward a very good sugges

come up1 植物长出地面2 太阳升起 We watched the sun come up3 即将发生 Her birthday is comeing up soon4 被提及 被讨论5 被抽中 中奖come up with 想出答案 拿出一笔钱等She came up with a new idea

come about 发生,产生;come across 偶然遇到,碰上come along 出现,发生;进步,进展;come apart 破碎,崩溃come around/round ①苏醒,复原 ②顺便来访come

catch up with为“赶上(某人或某事)”,有追上并可能超过的含义.如: We'll do out best to catch up with the advanced industrial countries. 我们将尽力赶超先进的工业国家. keep up with作“不落后于(某人或某对手)”解,有与之并驾齐驱

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