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ComE up的意思

1)come up可指“(植物)长出地面”,“(太阳)升起”. ①The flowers are just beginning to come up. 花刚开始长出地面. ②The seeds I sowed last week haven't come up yet. 我上星期种的种子至今还未发芽. ③I like to get up early and watch the

come up v. 走近, 上来, 发芽, 流行, 发生, 被提出 上升,讨论,出现

1.赶上我们赶上了一群旅游者.2.(针对问题等)想出;提供He came up with good ideas for the product promotion.他想出一个推广产品的好方法.He could not come up with a proper answer.他想不出一个合适的回答.3.准备好(钱等)You must come up with the money by tomorrow night.你明晚之前必须准备好钱.以下结果来自互联网网络释义 come up with1.提出,提供,想出

向上,往上;向楼上They hung the map up. 他们把地图挂起来. 2.在上面;在楼上She lives two floors up. 她住在再往上两层. 3.(价格、水平等)上升,上扬Prices for consumer goods are going up. 消费品价格在上涨. 4.(姿态)直立地;起

come up的中文意思:上来,发生,提到,开庭.come up英 [km p] 美 [km p] 上来;发生;提到;开庭.come up的用法示例如下:1.I've come up for my bag, I left it in my office. 我上来取我的手提袋,我把它忘在我的办公室了.2.

①大多数情况下come up和come up with是不同的,come up指走上前去(如:the policeman come up and ask the man a few question.警察走上前去,问了那个男人几个问题),come up with指想出(如:come up with some ideas.想出了几个点

come up 1.happen;arise发生;出现*i expect something to come up soon.我预料不久就会发生什么事.*i'll let you know if anything comes up.如果发生什么事的话,我会让你知道的.*many question came up about the quality of the project.关于产品

come up v. (1)走近, 上来, 发芽, 流行, 发生, 被提出;(2)上升,讨论,出现 我想,大概的意思是,他们试图在17小时之前想出(一个解决问题的办法,or something like this). 但是,具体所指为何则需要你根据context(上下文)来分析了. 能给你的帮助就这么多了.

翻译为:对我的喜悦, 花种子过来在雨以后come up翻译为 :过来

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