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BE supposED to的同义短语

you are supposed to do sth you should do you ought to do

be supposed to 是 应该 的意思 近义词 ought to/should

ought to 学习是一件愉快的事! (*^__^*) 请及时采纳,多谢!

You're supposed to pay the bill no later than Friday.

be considered as

should 应该祝你学习愉快! (*^__^*) 请及时采纳,多谢!

being supposed to are supposed to

当be supposed to 的主语是“物”时,它表示“本应;本该”,用于表示“某事本应该发生而没有发生”.it is supposed to rain today.

用法一: be supposed to 其中to是动词不定式符号,不是介词,其后要跟动词原形.当be supposed to 的主语是“人” 时,意为“应该…… ”;“被期望……”,它可以用来表示劝告、建议、义务、责任等,相当于情态动词should.如:

be related to ~~~~望采纳哦.表示与/相关

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