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练习题I .填入适当的引导词1. I haven't heard from him _____ he went to America . 2.He won't be here _____ he is invited . 3. He will not go to the cinema _____ he is very busy . 4. We found the key _____ she lad left it . 5. We found the books two

1. (09福建33)She had just finished her homework her mother asked her to practice playing the piano yesterday.A. when B. while C. after D. since答案 A 解析 根据主从句的动词时态可知主句谓语动词的动作在从句谓语动词之前已经完成,引导词的

一、时间状语从句:1、 连接词when、while、as⑴when ①正当…时候 be about to…ving…②从句动词先于或后于主语动作⑵while: 可表示对比(从句只用连续性动词)


你要的话,我还有讲义,你发邮箱过来,我给你弄过去. 相关练习题状语从句练习题 1. I get to Pairs, I'll call you up at the airport. A.Since B.While C.Once D.Although 2. the headmaster comes, we won't discuss this plan. A. Unless B.If not C.

However后边可以直接接形容词.在这里接的是 important ,假如用Although,应该是 Although we may regard school life to be important.第二个句子中 not 和until是固定搭配.直到.才.在本句中的not ,也就是后边 no dou

时间状语从句就是表示这个动作发生地时间.联词有when, while, as, the day, the minute, the moment, as soon as,before等等.除了before之外的词,

一、时间状语从句:1、 连接词when、while、as⑴when ①正当…时候 be about to…ving…②从句动词先于或后于主语动作⑵while: 可表示对比(从句只用连续性动词)⑶as: “一边一边”“随着”省略句中: eg: As time goes on…随着时间的

用来修饰谓语动词、其它动词、定语、状语或整个句子的从句叫做状语从句.状语从句可分为: 1.时间状语从句;(adverbial clause of time) 2.地点状语从句;(adverbial clause of place) 3.原因状语从句;(adverbial clause of cause) 4.条件

状语修饰动词、形容词、副词或整个句子.通常由副词、介词短语、动词不定式、分词和从句等担当.例如:1. Naturally, our grandparents were pleased to get our phone call.(副词)当然,我们的祖父母乐于接到我们的电话.2. We worked

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