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这就是我 用英文怎么说

This is who I am。 This is right me。

“这就是我”用英文表达为:I am what I am。 “这就是我”用英文还可以表达为: 1、This is me; 2、It was me; 3、This is what I. 《这就是我》还是一部电影,该电影的英文名字是《Thats What I Am》。 扩展资料 例句: 1、I'm sorry, campanula...

译文为;That is just what I want.

This is me!

“这就是我”的英语是:This is me 双语例句: 1.This is me. I'm a student, I'm eight. 这是我,我是一个小学生,我今年八岁了。 2.And this is me, this is my avatar. 这是我,这是我的虚拟化身。 3.This is me, Now do you know Me? 这就是我...

这就是我的周末 This is my weekend

This is me. This Is Who I Am I Am Who I Am 都可以 后两个好一点

This is the friend of mine. This is my friend This is the one of my friends

This is my school.

This is my room

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