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你好.都不是.应该是 I go sightseeing in Linyin.或者 I go to Linyin to do some sightseeing.

2I am good at learning English.7It's important to study.8I always speak slowly and loudly to my grandma.9I need to study well.10No one is the best.11It's important for us to sleep enough.12I work hard13I always go sightseeing.14I always take my family around.15" Don't be late!" My teather said.O(∩_∩)O~

go sightseeing,意思是“去观光”.造句:During the 7-day Chinese New Year holiday, some people prefer to go sightseeing while others prefer to stay home and enjoy dinners with their families.春节七天假期里,有人喜欢去观光,而有一些则更呆在家里与亲人聚餐团聚.

I go (/went) sightseeing Linyin. 如有问题,欢迎继续追问:)求采纳~

walking across 用这个英语短语造句 造句如下:At one time, walking across the room took all her strength .曾经有段时间她得费尽全力才能从房间一头走到另一头.

I have a wonderful day. 我度过了美好的一天 The weather has been wonderful.近来天气好极了!

I would like to do some sightseeing while ship is in port. 我想趁船入港时上岸观光一番.

观光旅游如果是go city sightseeing就是城市观光旅游

i am going sightseeing with my parents

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