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我在等你 用英语怎么说

I am waiting for you.

I'm waiting for you, remember to back. 额“我在等你”用的是一般现在时 Be+Ving 来表示的 remember to do sth. 记住要去做某事 remember doing sth.是表示记住做过某事 这应该还没回来所以是记住要回来

你知道我在等你吗 do you know i am waiting for you 莫名我就喜欢你 i had crush on you gradually 深深地爱上你 love you deeply 没有理由 没有原因 no reasons no causes 莫名我就喜欢你 深深地爱上你 从见到你的那一天起 from the day i mee...

我在等风也在等你 英文翻译_ I'm waiting for the wind to wait for you

I wait for you here!

我在等你像等死一样用英语怎么翻译 I am waiting for you as much as I am waiting for death. I am waiting for you just like waiting for death . I am awaiting you to come just like awaiting for death to come I am waiting for your ar...

I am waiting for you.我在等你. 也可以再加点,更表达你的决心... I am here waiting for you.我在原地等你. I am here waiting for you forever.我永远在这里等着你... 呵呵...

We are waiting for you here. Here we are waiting for you.

好几种说法,简单的稍难的都有 1 where? 2 where to wait? 3 where do I wait? 4 where will I wait? 5 where should I wait for you?

You are the person who I've been waiting for, and who shall belong to me forever. Now I get you and it is only you who I will wait for.

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