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我的名片用完了 英语如何说

I've used up my namecards.

英语是: I've used up my business cards. 句子解释: use up 英[ju:z ʌp] 美[juz ʌp] vt. 用完,耗尽; 用光; [例句]We finally use up all of these. 我们终于用完了所有的这些东西。 my 英[maɪ] 美[maɪ] adj. 我的(I的所...

我的名片用完了,请试用 I have run out of business cards

my (business) card:若在同一语境(如商业聚会),business 也可省略,因为手势与问话也能说明情况。不过大多+business使用,不会产生歧义。难说是否问的是付款方式之类的,credit card, debit card,master card等。 回答得不好。但希望抛砖...

The name cards you sent me have nearly been used up, can you sent me some more, please?

I am so sorry that i forgot my business card.


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