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求NBA百视通里的一首歌,是女声,其中一句好像是wE ArE run run run run Al

rihanna 的 stay, 应该是,歌词不是run, 是round and round

我无意听到这个声音,也很喜欢,找了很久,终于找到我想要的,不知道是不是你要的.你还知道一个组合,我只听了几句,几经周折,终于找到了.Yeah Yeah Yeahs--runaway runaway(逃离) I was feeling sad 也曾忧伤弥漫 Can't help

skyscraper Go on and try to tear me down 尽管试著把我击倒吧!I will be rising from the ground 但我不会轻易认输,勇敢的站出来!Like a skyscraper!像那高耸入云的摩天大厦!Like a skyscraper!挺拔而出!.Go run, run, run 走吧!离开我!

《walk away》:you better run away run away run away

少女时代有首歌叫《Run Devil Run》你看是不?

答: I wanna run away(我想离开)I wanna run away(我想离开)Can we find a better place

Ke$ha版本的《Run Devil Run》 You better run, run, run, run, run Cause there's gonna be some hell today You better run, run, run, run, run And that's the only thing I'm gonna say, hey I wish I know the right from the start That I was dancing with the

Run devil run,是Kesha的,狠好听,顺便他的tik tok 也很棒,是很多店铺的主打音乐哦

ahh yeswell look at herelook at hereah what do we have?another pretty thanghere for me to grabbut little does she knowthat i'm a wolf in sheepsclothing'cause at the end of the nightit is her i'll be holdingi love you sothat's what you'll sayyou'll tell

Run (奔波) 演唱:Leona Lewis (莱昂娜路易斯) I'll sing it one last time for you 让我最后一次为你唱这首歌 Then we really have to go 然后我们就不得不真的离别 You've been the only thing that's right 你一直是我唯一正确的选择 In all I've

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