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求一首英文歌名字有 歌词中有一句音译是:sing那爱忘得吐那sing爱忘得吐那 请注意

nothing gonna change my love

Just Can't Get Enough - 摇滚童话"Forever Young"When i'm with you baby, i go out of my headAnd i just can't get enough, i just can't get enoughAll the things you do to me and everything you saidAnd i just can't get enough, i just can't get

歌曲: On My Own 歌手: Various Artists 专辑: 《Les Misérables (1..》复制歌词 下载LRC歌词 And I'm all now alone again Nowhere to turn, no one to go to Without a home without a friend Without a face to say hello to And now the night is near

兔子舞,是一首舞蹈曲,歌词好像是left left right right go go go

主 你说的那首歌是Funny - Sing A song (All night long) Funny - Sing a song (All night long) ================================================歌曲:everybody(中英对照)歌手:backstreet boyseverybody.每一个人rock ur body.摆动

m laughing at cloudsSo dark up aboveThe sun'..这个;M HAPPY AGAIN I's in my heartAnd I'm ready for loveFor loveLet the stormy clouds chaseEveryone from the placeCome on with the rainI've a smile on my faceI'll walk down the laneWith a happy

歌名:peerless 歌手:darin zanyar doctor actor lawyer or a singer 医生 演员 律师或歌唱家 why not president be a dreamer 为什么不是总统 做一个有梦想的人 you can be just the one you wanna be 你可以成为任何一个你想成为的人 police man

比利金 迈克尔杰克逊的歌吧

it's sing along song?方大同 sing along song

你好!就是Super junior的《You are the one》!不信你听听!你说的“有爱都万”就是那里面的一句“you are the one”!我说,你的记性真好啊!呵呵~~END打字不易,采纳哦!

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