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You know too little, too many performance. Talent is too little, edge too much, learn convergence, calm, everything is good to you!

later i heard that company became a sub-company of a large foreign-owned enterprise. i am happy for that. and i am happy that i was once a member of it. and i am glad for the colleagues who are still working for this company. i wish them a better life.

1. We must make our school more beautiful. 1. The light is on. There must be someone in the office. 2. There was a cinema here before the war. 3. There happened to be no one in the room at that time. 4. There is a river in front of my house.

Gray quiet and tired and mean 苍白 安静和疲倦 尝试着浅忆不快的往事 Picking at a worried seam I try to make you mad at me over the phone 通过电话 我想让你为我疯狂 Red eyes and fire and signs 面红耳赤 激情似火 I'm taken by a nursery

Sally gave me a picture of her before she went to London.是正解~

首先,餐桌是一个长方形的桌子,左边坐着女主人,右边,也就是女主人的对面,是男主人的位子.两边坐着客人,客人的座次必需是一男一女的这样坐,目的是方便讨论话题,不会是女的跟女的讨论着女性话题,男性同理.Firstly, the hostess

1. Many young people like pop songs is better than old songs 2. We should learn to respect others life habit 3. I have to catch the train, the train turned on at 7:30 希望采纳,谢谢

Chenzhou, Hunan Province, East Town Spa Villa Zixing a 302 room Code: 423,403 不知道准确不


What earliest we can ship goods is 10th of February.earliest在这里是名词,最早的时间

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