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请大侠翻译成英文: 请查收附件中的修改过的新闻稿.

说法比较多,具体如下: 1. Attached pls find the revised press release. 请查收附件中的修改过的新闻稿 2. Enclosed pls find the revised press release. 请查收附件中的修改过的新闻稿 3. Pls find the the revised press release in attac...

翻译如下: 我已经把资料放在附件里,请查收 I have put the information in the attachment. Please check.

Pls check attached Commercial Invoice with revised address information. 请查收附件修改地址后的发票。

Enclosed is the newly revised order based on your request,please kindly check. 或者 Please check the attachment-revised order as per your requirements.

Please check the revised invitation letter as attached. Any problem please feel free to contact me.

请查收附件更新的文件, 红字部分有更新 Please check the attached file update, the red part of the word is updated

“请查收附件”的英文是:Please check the annex please 读音:英 [pli:z] 美 [pliz] int.请 vt.& vi.讨好;使高兴;使满意;讨人喜欢 第三人称单数: pleases 现在分词: pleasing 过去式: pleased 过去分词: pleased check 读音:英 [tʃek]...


Please refer to the attachment for verification purposes. Please refer to the attachment for confirmation purposes. 这里有两种说法 稍微有一点不同,verification 一般是让你过目 如果内容没有问题的话就不用回答了这样的 confirmation...

Sorry to reply you so late, the attachment is the latest modification information, please find, if you have any questions please contact me 如果满意请点击右上角评价点【满意】即可~~ 你的采纳是我前进的动力~~ 答题不易..祝你开心~(*...

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