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stop, regret,remember,mean,try,propose,wait,go on,

forget doing 忘记做过的事情forget to do 忘记要去做某事regret doing 为做过的事后悔regret to do 为去做某事而后悔try doing 试着做某事try to do 努力做某事mean doing 意味着mean to do 打算做某事stop doing 停止正在做的事

forget doing sth忘记了做过的某事 forget to do sth 忘记了去做某事


这两个词,在后面跟不定式和动名词的时候,意思是不一样的 forget to do sth 意思是:忘记要做某事 forget doing sth 意思是:忘记做过某事 remember to do sth 意思是:记得要做某事(别忘记做某事) remember doing sth 意思是:记得做过某事

forget try need ..

1. forget通常指忘记具体的东西(如名字、号码、地址等),forget about后者通常指忘记一件事情(如开会、学习、吃饭、锁门等).比较:i forget her name. 我把她的名字给忘了.don't forget about your study. 别忘了学习.they were so busy

forget sth. 忘记某事forget doing sth. 忘记已经做了的事情forget to do sth. 忘记去做某事

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