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generally; approximately; somewhere; perhaps; maybe

以下词汇均有“大约”的意思: about,probably,more or less,approximately, 关键看语境、词性。

与天相对的地earth. 大地land 耕地farmland 庄稼地field 室外地ground 室内地floor

approximately; about; circa; or so;


你好, 应该是: How long does it take about? 大约要多长时间? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~祝你进步,如对你有帮助,请及时采纳~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“可以说……”可以翻译成: so to speak;in a manner of speaking; as it were。 1、so to speak 不过,请注意,威伦斯我也有略尽绵力提出的这一粗略方法可以说是纸上谈兵。 Please note that Willens, with a little help from me, has roughed t...

It's about one o'clock 大约一点钟 希望对你有帮助!

网友 [词典] net friend; [例句]我昨天和网友见面了。 I dated an Internet pal yesterday.

probably['prɒbəblɪ]:大概;或许;很可能 But yes, we probably should have done that. 但,是的,我们可能应该那么做。 Probably no one is free from mistakes, only some make more and some less. 人大概没有不犯错误的,...

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